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KHALID SAAD TRADING has been active in the kingdom since 2005 providing and developing solutions and products for decoration and interior design that can meet with your projects objectives.


We provide a wide selection of ceiling systems that can best match your desire and application. ceiling system products can be used for a large range of installations to make acoustics better, conceal services such as fire sprinklers, air conditioning ducts and electric cabling, and to create a more aesthetically pleasing building. To get the best possible finish, it doesn't have to just be functional, it must also look great. Khalid Saad trading Decoration Company is pleased to offer the following aesthetic ceiling options:


Suspension system

Suspension system is a part of the overall board ceiling system. It serve as the frame for board ceilings like mineral fiber and gypsum tiles vinyl face. These suspension frames are manufactured according to international standards. Complete installations service is being offered by Khalid Saad trading decorating company.

We offers a broad range of high quality acoustical suspension systems that perform better, carry increased ceiling load, and reduce installation time. Innovative features like the patented peak form bulb design and superlock2 clips help create stronger, more stable suspension systems that install faster and easier. With a wide variety of acoustical suspension systems available for your most challenging. We are sure to have the right system for your next project.

Gypsum ceiling tiles

Gypsum ceiling tiles with vinyl face and aluminum back foil are made from gypsum mineral and reinforced with aluminum foil backing to optimize the overall performance. A wide range of textures to choose from, each one is uniquely designed to meet the desired effect for your ceiling.

Our products are made of incombustible gypsum. The regular gypsum ceiling tiles which contain gypsum plaster- a high quality product that is free of any harmful substance that fulfils all current national and international requirements. The ceiling tiles are laminated with anti-static pvc film on the front side and metalized pet foil on the back side. This gives the tiles superior, maintenance, free finish along with additional thermal insulation properties. It can be used in areas requiring clean, dust-free interior such as computer rooms, food processing electronics and pharmaceutical companies.

We are one of the leading names in industry for manufacturing, supplying, distributing, wholesaling, retailing and trading an extensive range of pvc gypsum ceiling tiles. These can be used in restaurants, educational & institutional buildings, colleges, offices, schools, waiting rooms, kitchens, hospitals, hygiene are shops & malls, cenema conference rooms, auditoriums, convention halls, cafeterias, residential rooms, workshop areas, and many other areas.


Easy to clean
Vinyl finish of panel
Seals out moisture, bacteria, dirt and odors


Mineral fiber ceiling

Acoustical mineral fiber ceiling is economical, excellent sound absorption and very effective fireproofing to give your facility an added protection. Panels are light and durable therefore easy to install and maintain. A wide choice of designs are available to choose from.

Mineral fibre ceilings are made up from a mixture of materials, from naturally occurring resources to recycled and processed materials. Many mineral fiber ceiling systems boast excellent qualities including acoustic performance and fire resistance. With a huge selection to choose from, you can benefit from a ceiling system that fully complements the environment, offering a contemporary, attractive appearance that boasts great functionality.

  • Outstanding fire resistance
  • Clean room patterns
  • Light weight
  • Superior sound absorption
  • Easy installation &maintenance
  • Superior anti-sag properties
  • Wide range of designs available
  • Economical
  • Asbestos free

Lighting Fixtures

Recessed and led luminaries with low brightness double –parabolic aluminium louver for lighting rooms and work places with vdu facilities. These luminaries are coming to play an increasingly vital role in commercial, trade and industry. Used for offices, banks, computer rooms, drawing offices, special precision workshops such as watch industry, optical workshops, etc.

Aluminum ceiling

Aluminum strip are light weight and easy to comes in multiple colors and finishing. Using specially shaped runners, aluminum strips ceiling can be applied indoors and outdoors. This is also the best for environments exposed to moisture like swimming pool shade, kitchen ceiling, toilets cleaning, laboratory ceiling and more.

Aluminum linear strips are made of high quality aluminium with coated with paint. A wide range of standard colors, sizes and finishes are available, offering the designer flexibility for creative and complex designs.

Aluminum strip are light weight and easy to install, it’s using specially shaped runners, aluminum strips ceiling can be applied indoors and outdoors. This is also the best for environments exposed to moisture like swimming pool shade, kitchen ceiling, toilets cleaning, laboratory ceiling and more There are 8 different variations of Aluminum Ceiling systems:

  • A-shaped aluminium strip panels
  • S-shaped aluminium strip panels
  • V-shaped aluminium strip panels
  • Blade aluminium strip panels
  • C-shaped aluminium strip panels
  • #-shaped aluminium panels
  • Concealed aluminum ceiling tiles
  • Lay in aluminum ceiling tile

Gypsum and cement board ceiling

Defi for gypsum board also A cement board is a combination of cement and reinforcing fibers formed into 120CM by 240 CM sheets 6MM to 25mm thick that are typically used as a plaster board and we can customize upon customer requests. Gypsum and cement board ceiling offers an extensive range of ceiling & acoustical wall systems. A number of options are available that address many technical, functional or aesthetic requirement’s.

Open cell ceiling

Open cell ceiling is excellent for diffusing daylight or artificial lights. It is also perfect for visually reducing the height of your ceiling without compromising the ventilation

Add texture to the ceiling plane with open cell systems. Featuring easy access to lighting, ventilation and security, the system offers a versatile range of patterns, configurations, and colors that can all be used in combination with our cell frame ceilings.


Light weight
Easy to install and maintain
Replicable panel
Thick coating
Fire resistant

Gypsum Board

We Khalid Saad trading a main distributor of Mada Gypsum Board and United Gypsum Board in Saudi and Bahrain.


Gypsum boards are used in all kinds of buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Commercial Centers, Schools, Residential Houses, Prefabricated Houses, and all building type as a: Wall Lining, Drywall Partitions, False Ceilings, Demountable Partitions, and all Decoration works related to walls, Partitions, or Ceiling.


  • 1. Regular (or Normal or Standard) Type: European EN 520 Standard Abbreviation GKB.Laminated with face layer(ivory), backside (gray)
  • 2. Fire Rated (Fire Resistant) Type: European EN 520 Standard Abbreviation GKF.Laminated with face layer(pink), backside (gray)
  • 3. Moisture Resistant or Water Repellent: European EN with face layer(green), backside(gray).18180 Standard Abbreviation GKBI Laminated
  • 4. Fire & Moisture Resistant: European EN 520 Standard Abbreviation GKFI.Laminated with face layer(green), backside (gray)

Mada Gypsum Board

Mada Gypsum Company was established in 2005 in Yanbu and produces Gypsum plasters and plasterboard following international EN and ASTM Standards. Production capacity is 150,000 t of plaster and 10 million m2 of plaster board per year.

New production capacity of an additional 24 million m2 of plaster board and 250,000 t of plasters is already under construction. This will make mada the biggest plasterboard producer in KSA.

For production of our products we use the process equipments from well known European suppliers.

We use the best technologies of industrial market:

Production Capacity: 10 million m2/year

Product mix: Regular Boards, Fire Boards, Moisture Boards, Fire & Moisture boards in various thickness/from 1,6 m to 4,5m/. Our product mix is unique in the GCC Region.

GRELBEX- Calcination production technologies supply the best quality raw material to produce gypsum plaster and plasterboards in KSA.

United Mining Industries

Established in 2006,United Mining Industries Limited (UMI) is a Saudi Arabian Joint –Venture of three of the Saudi leading companies in the construction and building industry. UMI has been able to carve a niche in the domain of producing a flawless range of Gypsum Products for use in local and regional markets, proving quality solutions for residential and commercial developments.

UMI Privileged to have a team of trained personnel, whose meticulous efforts assist us in achieving  the goal of having utmost client satisfaction. With the dedication of the team, UMI competent to offer for clients with a faultless range of gypsum products and reliable services that are executed within the promised time-frame.UMI Privileged to have a team of trained personnel, whose meticulous efforts assist us in achieving the goal of having utmost client satisfaction. With the dedication of the team, UMI competent to offer for clients with a faultless range of gypsum products and reliable services that are executed within the promised time-frame.

In addition to dedicated quarries, UMI Facilities include a 114.000 m2 facility n Yanbu which comprises the head office, gypsum powder plant, gypsum board plant, warehouse, and support facilities, with an annual production capacity ranging from 20 million m2 up to 22 million m2.


Flooring enhances home value and plays a significant role in the appearance and finishing of your project. We proudly presents a variety of flooring materials with various functions and designs:

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl has been a popular flooring choice in all over the world homes for decades. Vinyl flooring from Khalid saad comes in a variety of looks from natural stone or wood looks, to patterned designs – all at an affordable price. A great combination of beauty and function, vinyl is a durable and easy-to-clean floor type that can be installed anywhere in the home or office.

We offer a wide variety of vinyl tiles that will suit your interior, from casual to elegant. These tiles underwent a sophisticated surface treatment making it easy to maintain and resists chemicals.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent durability
  • High density base layer
  • Wide application

Carpet Tiles

Khalid saad trading Decoration Company provides high quality carpet tiles with wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. These carpet tiles offer high performance level against wear and backing with high stain resistance.

There are multiple applications in which our carpet tiles collection can be used, examples: in homes, offices, air-port lounges, and universities.

Raised floor

Khalid saad raised floor system offers impressive in-built properties and truly state of the art is the ideal product for almost any field of application.

A raised floor provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. Raised floors are widely used in modern office buildings, and in specialized areas such as command centers, it data centers and computer rooms, where there is a requirement to route mechanical services and cables, wiring, and electrical supply. Such flooring can be installed at varying heights from 2 inches (51 mm) to heights above 4 feet (1,200 mm) to suit services that may be accommodated beneath. Additional structural support and lighting are often provided when a floor is raised enough for a person to crawl or even walk beneath.

Parquet flooring

Khalid saad parquet design brings hints of history to your living space. The tough nature of this flooring means it is suitable for most living spaces, from home offices to hallways. It can handle high traffic levels and gives you the timeless appeal of real wood.

You will enjoy a high-quality parquet floor for many years, as a long lifespan and a high stability of value are characteristics of parquet. With the appropriate cleaning and care products, like those from clean & green, a wooden floor is easy to maintain and will keep its beauty for a long time.

Gypsum and cement board partition system

Gypsum board partition is flexible to be used and provide. Made from natural gypsum, this partition system is a very good heat insulator and fire resistant wall.


The colors the finest materials used to capture the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Practically easy to maintain, our venetian blinds can be installed in any interior part of your house or building. Mode with sophisticated state of the art technology, our Venetian are more durable, long lasting and resist the heat enabling your ac coolness retained for longer hours than conventional curtains.

  • Vertical Aluminium Blinds
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Sliding Doors


Khalid saad offers wide product lines of more than 3,000 items, including consumable items from power tools to hand tools "toptul". Some of the most innovative items under this category being safety items, hand tools, power tools, fastness, pneumatic tools el- fittings, tool kits. We are the sole agent for many reputed brands and exclusive distributors for the Saudi Arabia and Bahrain market.

Formica Solid Phenolic HPL

Toilet Cubicles

Understanding that there is a need for the restroom cubicle system the ability to tolerate heavy usage and deterioration, Formica USA Cubicle is crated, This restroom cubicle system functions under harsh conditions and remain as magnificent as ever, Integrating both nylon and aluminum materials in the construction, as the aesthetics of the restroom are brought to a new level.

Cabinet(Labs & Toilets)

Formica is a high-pressure laminated and alternatively, a solid composite panel, engineered as laboratory grade surfaces commonly exposed to acids, solvents, general reagents and cleaning agents. It is primarily suitable for laboratory work surfaces, cabinet drawer fronts, and washroom vanity cabinets. Formica provides exceptional chemical and stain resistance with the flexibility and design advantage of post-forming grade laminate and thick, solid phenolic cores.


Breaking away from conventional metal lockers, SMR lockers explore the possibilities in the usage of High Pressure Laminated (HPL) compact boards. Unlike conventional lockers made of wood, metal or plastic which are more prone to rot, corrosion and vandalism HPL lockers are amazingly durable.